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As an artist, decorative painter and sculptor, it has been my privilege to collaborate with accomplished designers, contractors and clients for over 40 years.


Part art and part skill, the mixing, combining and layering of media creates an endless repertoire of finishes. The classic finishes are wood graining, marbling, gilding, wall glazing and antiquing. Since each project is both an expression of the designers intent as well as a unique work of art, these techniques turn these visions into reality.


As important as these skills are, it is the ability of problem solving — which can save a client tens of thousands of dollars and enormous amounts of time — makes a space seem as though nothing was painted at all while solving the problem. This ability to "fool the eye" is actually a vital part of this time honored craft.


The diverse body of projects speaks not only to the uniqueness of each situation, but to the importance that this type of work has to the design trade.

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